Monday, September 16, 2013

Where Did We Come From?

Many people today see life as now, they believe that this is it, "My life began when I was born and ends when I die." Have you ever thought that? I think most religious people think there is a life after death where we live with God, but what about before life? We know that our bodies were created by our parents,  but what about our spirits? If spirits live forever after death, did they live before we were here on Earth?

President Boyde K Packer told us that our life is like a 3 part play. We are in Act 2 and we don't really know what Act 1 was. Its like we showed up late to the play! So if we don't know what happened, then we wont understand Act 2. God gave us a script so that we understand what happened. Lets go back and see what happened.

Before the Earth was created, we lived with God. We are His spirit children (Ps 82:6), we knew Him, we walked with Him, we talked with Him. He created us in His own image, and He knows us personally (Jer 1:5). While we lived with God, he gathered us all together and presented a plan about how we could come to earth and gain bodies and make choices. He told us that we would receive imperfect bodies and that we would sin but that a Redeemer would be chosen to suffer and to pay for our sins so that we could return to Him. One of the main points of the plan was we had free agency. We could choose for ourselves whether we did right or wrong. He asked who should be the savior and 2 spirits volunteered, Jesus, and Lucifer. Lucifer wanted to change the plan and take God's honor (Is 14:12-15). Jesus wanted to follow God's plan, and give the glory to God. Jesus was chosen and Lucifer rebelled. We were at a war in heaven! We fought against Lucifer and his followers and because we were on God's side, we won, and Lucifer was cast out (Rev 12:7-11)!

Before we came to earth, God prepared us taught us about what would happen while we were on earth and we were "foreordained" to do certain things on earth (Alma 13:3). But you may be asking, "Why don't I remember this?" The Lord put a "veil" over our minds so that we can proceed in this life by faith, rather than pure knowledge (Eccl 1:11).

I hope this post has answered some questions that you may be having! If you have any questions, go to the Q & A section of this blog and comment! I will do my best to answer :)

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